Recycling can be done in various ways. Depending on the types and condition of the products, different methods are applied for recycling. Some of the common office electronics that come for the recycling are computers, monitors, laptops, printers, photocopiers, scanners, hard disks, batteries, circuit boards, etc. On the other hand, televisions, radios, mobile phones, stereo players, home theaters, DVD players, refrigerators, air conditioners are some popular home E-waste. However, Santa Clara E-waste has complete knowledge of the procedures, so you get state-of-the-art technology for the future of your devices. There are four major steps used at Santa Clara E-waste for the purpose of recycling.


This determines our future steps with any particular product as we never let hazardous goods get dumped in a landfill.


Products that cannot be reused or recycled are destroyed. The methodology of destruction is completely eco-friendly. The customer gets a certificate once the destruction is completed.


We remarket the products that are possible to use again by some other users. We make a detailed plan of remarketing and share it with the client. We also share half of the profit with the clients.


We use the safest method of recycling and no product is sent to the landfill. So you can be sure of environment-friendly treatment of your electronics.

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