Recycling Process

Santa Clara E-waste, a part of Blue Star Company Inc., is already recognized as a high-class service provider. In every single step of the process, we follow a versatile method of e-waste management. With us, you will feel that all your investments have been properly utilized. The processing and handling of the e-management are done by a team of fully trained professionals. They facilitate you with the most satisfying customer experience.

Our Process

After receiving your request, we pick up the e-waste from the location specified by you.


A report has been generated after a smart-sorting process, confirming that all has been done completely.


Then we estimate the worth of the product, and whether the product will go for remarketing, recycling or destruction.


If the device is found to be hazardous, it is processed in such a way that it will never be dumped in a landfill.


You can get the report of your electronic device on our website with each report furnished with specific details of the product and methods used by us.

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