About Us

In today’s time of electronic gadgets, managing electronic products that we do not want to use anymore has become a trouble. Every day, we get rid of mobile phones, laptops, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. that lose functionality but we have no clue what to do with them. We often end up throwing them in the trash but we don’t realize that by doing this, we are causing harm to the environment. Therefore, eco-friendly waste management is very important for us and also for the future generation.

At Santa Clara E-waste, we have a dedicated team of employees with the aim of making a greener world by properly recycling your electronic products. Your waste becomes our liability as we take care of the waste in an eco-friendly manner. Our team of experts will be there to pick up the gadgets from your home or office and then to recycle or dispose off the products.


Relying on Santa Clara E-waste is the best possible solution you can offer to your electronics when they are outdated or out of use. If you care for the environment and your products, leave your old electronics to us and be rest assured.

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